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The Newest, Most Innovative customTAP Oral Appliance

flexTAP® with Vertex Technology® is a premium lab-made custom oral appliance for the treatment of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea.

As the first custom TAP with no metal parts, flexTAP is an oral appliance that is customized for personal comfort and equipped with a self-adjuster for at-home ease. flexTAP’s new blue ThermAcryl® liner is thinner, more durable, and easy to adjust the chair side using warm water. The key to flexTAP’s success is the new patented Vertex Technology, which is the design of the post-angulation in the flexTAP hardware.

flexTAP is the first custom oral appliance to include a standard nasal breathing component, the flexTAP Mouth Shield, to improve comfort and treatment outcomes.

Vertex Technology is the key to flexTAP Success

Vertex Technology is the design of the post angulation in the flexTAP hardware.

The post is angled at a 45-degree angle, allowing the patient to advance their lower jaw both vertically and horizontally at the same time.

By opening the box both vertically and horizontally, vs just horizontally in most oral appliances, we’ve seen patients needing less protrusion which eases joint pain or strain on the jaw and less tooth movement.

flexTAP opens the box more than any custom TAP on the market and still has the key factor of patients being able to self-adjust if needed

Adjustment Mechanism

The flexTAP Adjustment Dial allows the clinician or patient to adjust the amount of protrusion of the lower jaw to the most effective and comfortable position. Each half turn (counterclockwise “from user’s perspective”) of the flexTAP® Adjustment Dial will advance in ⅓ mm increments.

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ThermAcryl Liner

The new irradiated ThermAcryl® liner is thinner, more durable, and easy to adjust the chair side using warm water.

Nasal Breathing

flexTAP is the first custom appliance on the market to include a standard nasal breathing component. Recent literature shows nasal breathing as the proper way to breathe. The flexTAP Mouth Shield slips onto the post to increase comfort and provide better treatment outcomes. It also helps prevent dry mouth or excess saliva.

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We have put together a compilation of frequently asked questions regarding flexTAP. This list encompasses a range of inquiries, such as:

Q: Does it require a morning aligner?
A: Every flexTAP comes with an AM Aligner morning repositioner, which is highly recommended for patients to use every morning after the use of an oral appliance. It takes less than 10 minutes to fit.

Q: What material is it made out of?
A: It is made of the new irradiated ThermAcryl, which does not contain BPAs. Trays can be adjusted if too tight or loose by using warm water. DO NOT USE HOT WATER for tray fitting adjustments. The post/hard frame of the flexTAP is made of polycarbonate. 

Q: What is the lateral excursion range?
A: There is no limitation left and right. flexTAP allows the jaw to go wherever it wants, but the tendency is to go back to its most neutral position at the midline.

Q: Can we buy it in Canada?
A: Yes, it is available at Rotsaert Dental Laboratory.