Products and Services

The products and services offered by Rotsaert Dental Laboratory include full-service dental restoration such as fixed restorations, removable restorations, splints, nightguards, case planning, and implant restorations. We also provide shade-taking services at our laboratory. To learn more about our products and services, please contact us today.

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Consistency by Accuracy

We send our technicians to learn from the most influential and talented people in the world. Our technicians are trained by international dentists and technicians and have taken courses from such esteemed persons as Dr. John Kois, Dr. Frank Spears, and Drs. Pascal and Michael Magne, The Pankey Institute and Naoki Aiba.

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Products and Services
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Microscopes are absolutely necessary to ensure the best level of precision fit and are used throughout the entire fabrication process. From trimming dies to finishing porcelain margins, our microscopes are an integral part of each process. This is the true reason we can provide a consistent, predictable and quality-fitted product.