We Want to be your Working Partner in Restorative Dentistry

Rotsaert Dental Laboratory has been caring about your practice for over 60 years, offering knowledge and experience for all fixed and removable cases. We are a state-of-the-art, customer-focused full-service lab. Our team of experienced technicians offers the best in the industry.  Rotsaert is a family-owned company and believes in being your working partner in restorative dentistry. 

Message from the President

“We envision Rotsaert Dental Laboratory as a working partner with the dental practice. Our ultimate goal is excellence in everything we do.”

Nicole Rotsaert, RDT

Rotsaert remains at the forefront of the dental field with state-of-the-art techniques, materials and technology. Nicole’s objective as president is to continue improving service to our clients with the best products while maintaining our excellent customer relations. The entire Rotsaert team supports her in her role as president, including her brothers Mark and Eric.

Nicole Rotsaert
Nicole Rotsaert, President of Rotsaert Dental Laboratory

Our Vision

Our goal at Rotsaert Dental Laboratory is to provide restorative dental practices with exceptional quality prosthetics and services. By constantly developing our skills and knowledge to satisfy the demands of the restorative industry, we achieve our goal of customer satisfaction. We provide a full complement of restorative prostheses and believe in being part of your practice team. With state-of-the-art systems, we are able to provide patients with exceptional results in crown and bridge, implants, dentures and cast partials.

We Are Built On The Principle Of Providing High-Quality Restorations And Excellent Customer Service

Rotsaert Icon Logo

What is in the logo of Rotsaert Dental Laboratory?

Our logo is the envelope of the function of the jaw in the saggital plane. The logo came about in the 1960s when Henri Rotsaert, founder of Rotsaert Dental Laboratory, was at a course by Dr. Peter Dawson. When this topic was being discussed Henri knew it would be the perfect symbol for Rotsaert Dental Laboratory. A great description of the envelope of function and why it is so important in everything we do is explained in Chapter 15 of Functional Occlusion From TMJ to Smile Design by Dr. Peter E. Dawson.


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Providing high-quality prosthetics and services to the restorative dental industry is what we are all about. By constantly developing our skills and knowledge to satisfy demands of the restorative dental industry, we achieve our goal of customer satisfaction.

Customer Service
About Rotsaert Dental Laboratory

Our team strives for perfection. Our team strives for perfection. The quality of care we provide is above and beyond the duties we owe to our customers, and we strive to ensure the satisfaction of both patients and dentists.

We want to be part of your restorative team!

From removable implant over denture to Feldspathic Vibrant Veneers, Rotsaert Dental Laboratory can meet all of your patient’s restorative needs. We will provide you with sound advice on new materials and systems that will fit your restoration.