A family owned and operated dental laboratory built on the principle of providing high quality restorations and excellent customer service


Henri Rotsaert Image
1963 photograph of Henri Rotsaert

Rotsaert Dental Laboratory’s history started in 1963 when Henri Rotsaert started the lab in Hamilton, Ontario. Providing excellent service and high-quality restorations are the foundations of the lab. For over 60 years, Rotsaert Dental Laboratory has seen tremendous growth, evolving from a one-person laboratory to a thriving one-hundred-person operation. Rotsaert Dental Laboratory is one of the most respected laboratories in North America.


Rotsaert Family and Dr. Coburn
Seated at the centre is Dr. D.G. Coburn, with Henri Rotsaert and his son Peter and (standing) his children Mark, Paul, Nicole, and Eric.


Rotsaert Family 4
Henri Rotsaert, Nicole Rotsaert, Paul Rotsaert, Mark Rotsaert, and Eric Rotsaert


Henri Rotsaert Centre for Learning
Peter Rotsaert, Eric Rotsaert, Nicole Rotsaert, Paul Rotsaert, and Mark Rotsaert

The Legacy Lives On

Henri Rotsaert’s children now own and operate the lab. They continue Henri’s passion for dentistry, giving every restoration their meticulous attention. A visionary, Henri always wanted to improve every technique and every product. Today, Rotsaert Dental Laboratory is one of the most technologically advanced laboratories in North America and have continued to grow with the same philosophy that Henri instilled in them.  We’ve been making your restorations for more than 60 years because we really do care about you; we care about your patients and we care about producing the best restorations possible.

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Present Day

Rotsaert Family Portrait
Eric Rotsaert, Nicole Rotsaert, and Mark Rotsaert