Send Us Your Case!

RDL Box 2023

Sending us your case is easy

Just Follow The Three Steps Below To Arrange A Pick Up!

Step 1:

Call the Rotsaert toll-free number at 1-800-263-2113. Ask if we have a driver that will be in your area. We have six different routes! Not on a driver’s route? Do not worry! Our receptionists will walk you through sending us your case via FedEx, UPS, or ICS. If you are within Canada, we will pay the courier charges both ways!

Step 2:

Include the following with every case you send:

  • An impression or 2 working models
  • One (1) accurate opposing model
  • Bites, when needed
  • Study Model & Photographs for anterior work

Step 3:

Package your case for maximum protection. Make sure you have at least two layers of bubble or one layer of foam wrapped around each item. Tape, or use a rubber band to secure the models. Place the models and impressions into a Rotsaert box, add extra padding, seal the box and ship to Rotsaert Dental Laboratory.

For International Customers, please include two (2) copies of the prescription and bill of lading.

Rotsaert Dental Laboratory

71 Emerald Street South
Hamilton, Ontario L8N 2V4
Tel: (905) 527-1422 | Fax: (905) 527-1048
Toll-free: 1-800-263-2113

Sending your Digital Impression Case

We accept all digital impression files

Rotsaert Dental Laboratory accepts all digital impression scans from Medit Intraoral Scanner, Carestream, CEREC®, Prime Scan, E4D, iTero™, TRIOS®, and all other scanners that produce an STL.

We have been involved with digital scanning for over 25 years, starting with Dr. Francois Duret and the Hennson system in 1987. Intraoral scanner systems have become more accurate and soon will become the standard in impression taking for crowns and bridges and implants. However, PVS impression material will always have a place in restorative dentistry. 

digital impression

Specific Intraoral Scanner Instructions

Medit i500, i700, and i700 wireless

  1. Create or log in to your Medit Link account.
  2. Select “CASE BOX” on the left.
  3. Click your scanned case to open it.
  4. With the case open, click the ‘Order’ button at the bottom
  5. The Order Case window will open. Be sure to check the Partner in the drop-down menu at the top.
  6. Choose your delivery date, and add any notes you wish to in the Memo For Order field. Then click Ok.
  7. The order will process and sent to the Partner. You will be returned to the case window, and you will now see an “Ordered” indicator on the case information.
Medit i700


  1. Create or log in to your CEREC Connect account.
  2. Select “MY CEREC CONNECT”.
  3. Type “Rotsaert Dental Laboratory Incorporated” in the box for Company Name.
  4. Click FIND.
  5. Check the box to the bottom left for “Rotsaert Dental Laboratory”.
  6. Click ADD to complete the registration.
Cerec Primescan


  1.  To connect with Rotsaert Dental Laboratory, call Align Technology at 800-577-8767 and request to have your scanner connect with Lab ID 4389.
  2. After connecting to us as a Lab, select Rotsaert Dental Laboratory on your scanner when sending files.
itero ios

3shape Trios

  1. Go to in a web browser.
  2. Connect with “Rotsaert Dental Laboratory Incorporated” by searching
  3. After connecting to us as a Lab, select “Rotsaert Dental Laboratory Incorporated” when sending files.
trios ios

E4D-Planmeca Planscan

  1. Select Find a lab option on your scanner.
  2. Search for either Emerald Dental Works or
  3. Add Emerald Dental Works.
  4. Select Emerald Dental Works when submitting scans.
Planmeca IOS


  1. Login to the Carestream Connect portal on your scanner PC.
  2. Search for Rotsaert Dental Laboratory.
  3. Add Rotsaert Dental Laboratory.
  4. Select Rotsaert Dental Laboratory to submit scans of raw STL files.
  5. Email Rotsaert Dental Laboratoryat
Carestream IOS


  1. Login to the DEXIS IS Connect portal on your scanner PC.
  2. Search for Rotsaert Dental Laboratory.
  3. Add Rotsaert Dental Laboratory.
  4. Select Rotsaert Dental Laboratory to submit scans of raw STL files.
  5. Email Rotsaert Dental Laboratoryat
dexis intraoral

Ivoclar VivaScan

Assuming you have already added your API Key information to your Vivascan Software, follow the next steps to add Rotsaert Dental Lab.

    1. On Vivascan Scan Software, go to settings and click the sub menu “Send”. Then click “Lab Info” and click “Add New Lab”.
    2. Enter the following information in the required field. Rotsaert Dental Laboratory,, 905-527-1422, and 71 Emerald St. S. Hamilton ON. L8N 2V4. Click “Save”.
Ivoclar VivaScan