IDS 2019 Intraoral Scanners

The International Dental Show (IDS) 2019 was held in Cologne, Germany. IDS is the biggest dental show in the world that is why most companies release their latest innovations and advancements on this event. IDS 2019 came up with an amazing number of new and revolutionary digital dentistry software and equipment, one of those is […]

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Which Articulator Do You Use?

Which Articulator Do You Use?   ….is one of the common questions asked to us by Dentists. Our response is always the same: “Which system do you have?” because we use every semi-adjusting articulating system available.  The most common brands are Artex, Denar, Hanau, Kavo, Panadent, Protar, Sam and Whipmix.  Why so many?  Our dentists […]

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Rotsaert Employees donate to our community

The spirit of giving is alive and well during this holiday season. The employees of Rotsaert generously donated Christmas gifts to the children of the residents of St. Leonard’s Society of Hamilton and were warmly thanked by Jessica Moore, Program Director. Kedra Brown was one of our shoppers for the children and her happiness in this […]

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Heart & Stroke wins again!

Once again the Rotsaert team Rowed for Heart in this year’s annual fundraiser held at Bayfront Park in Hamilton.  This wasn’t the first time the Rotsaert team took the Gold in the races but more importantly, we were first place in fundraising!! With your generous support our team achieved top fundraiser.  The event brought in […]

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Rotsaert Dental Lab receives World Class Recognition as a fundraiser for the Heart & Stroke Foundation.

Today, Rotsaert Dental Lab received recognition from the Hamilton Branch of the Heart & Stroke Foundation for their 13 years of support, dedication and fundraising for this organization.  Many thanks are extended to the Rotsaert staff and their family members for the commitment to “Row for Heart”.  Each year, the Rotsaert rowing team “rowed to […]

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What’s in a number?

Do numbers define you?  Numbers tell us how tall we are, how old we are, how much we weigh or how much we make.  What is the real worth of a number?  Can success  be measured by numbers?  A good measure of success is the amount of happiness it brings into your life.  And how […]

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Rotsaert Dental Lab announces the passing of Paul Rotsaert, RDT.

  It is with heavy hearts that we announce the peaceful passing of Paul Rotsaert on September 22, 2014 at home surrounded by his family.   Paul is survived by his beloved wife Judy (nee Bosanac) and loving sons Tyler (Kathryn) and Michael (Kelsey).  Paul is also survived by brothers Eric, Mark (Jodie), Peter (Jennifer) and […]

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Rotsaert Dental Lab supports Mrs. Laura Schneider and Dr. William Schneider in dental education with “DFTBYT”

Rotsaert Dental Laboratory is a proud sponsor of the interactive dental education program “Don’t Forget To Brush Your Teeth”, created and presented by Mrs. Laura Schneider and her team.  This free program brought to area schools teaches children from junior kindergarten to grade three the benefits of good dental hygiene.  It was recently featured in […]

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Rotsaert Rowing Crew and the Heart & Stroke Foundation thank our supporters!

With the generous support of our donors, the Rotsaert Rowing crew was able to raise over $2,300.00 in support of the Heart & Stroke Foundation, with the Row for Heart event bringing in over $26,000.00.  The Rotsaert crew rowed  on the Hamilton Harbour for eight weeks in June and July, with awesome coaches supplied by Leander Boat […]

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Rotsaert Dental Lab, family-owned and operated, celebrates 50 years in 2014

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