Implant Stabilized Cast Partials

Implant Stabilized Cast Partials​

Using a locator attachment

These tissue-supported prostheses are an excellent option for your edentulous and partially edentulous patients. 85% of people with these types of restorations report they are healthier. They are also able to eat different food such as fruits and vegetables because of their stabilized dentures. A locator consists of two parts: an abutment that screws into an implant and a nylon housing embedded in a prosthesis. Over time both of these components experience wear; depending on the patient, some will wear faster than others.

When talking to your patient about the wear of these components, you might offer a comparison of car maintenance. For example, a car needs to have its oil changed twice a year and replace the tires every few years. It is necessary to replace the nylon housing every 6 months and the abutment every few years. Relining is necessary to prolong the life of the nylon housing and abutment if the denture is used often. . Few labs have our knowledge and experience with all implant systems. With over 60 years of combined hands-on implant experience, we are able to help your dental team from start to finish whether the case is a single-tooth screw-retained implant or a fixed removable overdenture.

Implant Stabilized Cast Partials​ 1
Implant Stabilized Cast Partials​ 2
Implant Stabilized Cast Partials​ 3

The Locator® Overdenture Implant System​

Locator Males

Dental Implants Locator Standard Range
Allows for insertion of the overdenture onto the dental implant abutment with up to 20° of divergence between both dental implants.

The unique Dual Retention innovation provides the LOCATOR® Attachment with a greater retention surface area than ever before available. Dual retention and pivoting action provide resiliency to maximize stability and longevity. It is possible to evaluate the retention force depending on patient preference for the level of ease-of-insertion and removal.

Extended Range Males

Dental Implants Locator Extended Range
Allow for insertion of the overdenture onto the dental implant abutment with up to an extensive 40° of divergence between dental implants.

Extended Range Male’s pivoting action accommodates an insertion with up to 40° total divergence, allowing you to restore a non-parallel implant with up to 20 degrees of angulation. This calculates to an extensive 40 degrees of divergence between two implants.