Date: Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Time: 1:00 PM EST

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Join us in this engaging online webinar where Hugo will guide you on optimizing your chair time and minimizing disruption to your patients’ day through an immediate approach to implant placement. You will also learn how to plan all-in-the-box treatment that includes the implant, full guide surgical stent, and temporization restoration work to load on the same appointment.
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What is Swissmeda?


Open to all Implant Systems: Enabling the use of original implant parts.

Swissmeda is a collaborative software meaning: Dental Surgeons are given free software to finalize and approve implant placement.

The Unique Swissmeda benefits: The skeletal design of the surgical guide enables excellent fit, irrigation, and clear visualization of the implant area.

Stackable guides for bone reduction, implant placement, and provisional.

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About the Speaker:

Hugo Patrao is the senior implant treatment specialist and service manager for Swissmeda, the clinical solutions brand of Carestream Dental. In this role, he delivers specialized training on maximizing digital implant workflows for optimum results. At Swissmeda, Hugo collaborates with lead research and development teams from around the world to deliver new dental appliances. He also helps clinicians incorporate new technologies and digital planning into their practices and protocols. Hugo has a degree in dental technology and is registered with the GDC; he currently resides in Portugal.

The Swissmeda system is the most versatile and accurate implant-guided surgery software on the market today.

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