SmileMe Mirror Demo

Welcome to the new "SmileMe Mirror" program designed as a communication tool for patients.

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Let your patients see the possibilities!
Once diagnosis is complete you explain to your patient the clinical possibilities of their restoration, taking into consideration their desires. However, promoting and explaining cosmetic dentistry requires time.
The SmileMe Mirror software can be operated by a team member and can show your patient their own face with new crowns or veneers, all within the parameters of your diagnosis. This gives the practitioner time with other patients. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words!

Create an Image
The patient’s photo is taken and a short series of questions will define the patient’s desires. Aspects such as face shape, lip style and mid-line are all taken into consideration. The data is entered in a step-by-step fashion that is easily understood by the patient and can be operated by a team member.
You can now provide a full visualization of the restoration potential. The patient can view their own face with their new smile using the SmileMe Mirror. Reveal the “New Me”!

SmileMe Mirror software accommodates all treatments. Veneers, aligners etc. can be visualized and explained with easy-to-understand visuals, videos and animations. SmileMe Mirror software can create an entire smile or a simple one-tooth restoration.

Let the SmileMe Mirror frame your talent!
Exclusively from Rotsaert Dental Laboratory Incorporated