RDL Cast Partial

Our Cast Partial department is always available to discuss the best options for the design of a removable prosthesis for your patient. All our cast partials are made with nickel-free and beryllium-free alloys.

To ensure the casting will maintain the integrity of the alloy, we use new metal for every casting. This prevents porosity and makes a casting of superior quality by retaining the alloy’s properties.

Laser Welding

Rotsaert has been utilizing laser welding technology since 1993. The benefit of laser welding is that it elimintes solder resulting in a solid parent alloy connection comparable to a solid casting. In cast partials it allows you to append to a framework without removing or causing damage to the acrylic. For implants, the bars and bridges are laser welded creating an accurate and passive fit.

Laser welding gives you consistently precise results while offering versatility and flexibility to your existing prosthesis.