Continuing Education

Continuing Education for Dentists and Staff:

By providing courses on all aspects of dentistry, the Rotsaert staff and the dental community mutually grow in knowledge and a common understanding that ultimately results in satisfied patients.

Continuing Education at Rotsaert Dental Laboratory

To Register for any of our courses call us at 1-800-263-2113 or 905-527-1422 or email us at

The Simplifying Posterior Dental Anatomy and The Anterior Anatomy and the Science of a Natural Smile are both comprehensive, multi-media training programs designed to teach and provide, in a very short time, an understanding of the anatomy of the posterior and anterior teeth to the dental technicians and also to provide a common vocabulary for use in the dental laboratory.

The Productivity Training Corporation (PTC) is an educational program that helps to teach new and experienced dental technicians the fundamentals of anatomy and procedures to perform their job with certainty and confidence. The PTC program is based on standards that are stable reference points. It is intended to create objective standards to what an ideal tooth should look like and standard operating procedures eliminate the guesswork.

Our in-house educational program conducts ongoing training seminars for our technicians. Our technicians are also sent on courses to the most influential and talented people in the world.