Implant Restorative Materials: From High Esthetics to Heavy Load Situations


Single implant restorations need to provide long-term success for anterior esthetics or posterior stress function. Newly developed restorative materials specifically for these implant conditions are now available as a chairside and/or as a laboratory fabricated service. This program will provide you with material science to help you evaluate and restoratively treatment plan with materials that can absorb and disperse chewing forces away from the abutment/ implant assembly for stability and esthetic function. Learn about a consistent workflow that can save you and the patient chair time and deliver predictable results for patients with extreme chewing forces.

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  • •Diagnosing and treatment planning the patient with parafunctional disturbances.
  • •Understanding and selecting restorative materials that are now available for the implant patient.
  • •Understanding implant prosthetic dynamics and how to overcome severe biting forces.
  • •Bringing esthetics into the implant treatment plan phase.

Course Instructor:
Jim McGuire, CDT

As the Director of Education, Clinical Affairs, and Technical Support for VITA North America, Jim brings more than 40 years experience as a dental technician. He has operated his own dental laboratory as well as lectured and conducted hands-on dental programs throughout North America. His background also includes work on CAD/CAM applications and digital workflow of materials.

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