Send us Photos, Securely!

In today’s environment, communication is key in being successful.

It’s also about feeling secure. That’s why we have opted to use WeTransfer’s file sharing services for sending large size files, or large quantities of files.

Their service is GDPR compliant which is considered a framework similar to Canada’s PIPEDA act with regards to policies of the collection and security of data processing.

With the technical stuff out of the way, let’s get to the good stuff, sending photos and files!

How to send files via WeTransfer

  • Open your preferred web browser (ie. Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc).
  • Navigate to There is no need to make an account or sign up for anything. Just click “No Thanks”.
  • Now, fill out the form as shown in the picture below.

send To:, and type in your email address in the From section. Fill in the message section with the patient name and shade tab
  • Open the folder that contains the pictures of your patient. The pictures should include 1 or 2 .NEF files and up to 5 JPG images.
  • Select the files by Shift or Ctrl Clicking and drag them to the browser window.
  • Once you have dragged the files over, they will then appear in the form:
  • After all files have been added, and form is filled out, you can click the Transfer button.
  • You may also have to supply a verification number which will be emailed to the address you type in for your clinic.
    Just retrieve the code from your inbox and paste or type it into the verification field and click Verify.
  • You will receive an email confirmation that the photos have been sent, and when we retrieve them, all securely.

This will have completed your session of sending photos/files securely to us.

If you are more of a visual learner, give this brief tutorial a watch:

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