Perfecting Your Practice 2019 Conference

Come and learn more about Digital Dentures and how these devices could bring more efficiency and productivity to your dental business. We will provide pieces of information that will help your practice from Scanning, Designing, Printing, Milling and Sintering. Visit us in our booth at Perfecting Your Practice 2019 Conference.


Date: Septembert 11-13, 2019

Location:Deerhurst Resort. 1235 Deerhurst Drive, Huntsville, ON 

P1H 2E8

Course Lineup:

The Power of Emotion in Marketing
(Zahn Canada sponsored Keynote Lecture, presented by Terry O’Reilly, Canadian Broadcast Personality and Advertising Expert)
In demand as a keynote speaker, Terry O’Reilly talks about the big and small things organizations must do to create effective marketing. His insights are utterly unique and his solutions are illuminating.

Principles of Delivering 5-Star Customer Service for Denturists 
(DOCS sponsored 2-part lecture, presented by Sandie Baillargeon)
Excellence in customer service doesn’t happen by chance. It takes the full commitment of the leadership, a sound strategy and alignment of the people, processes, tools and technology to provide a superior level of service that is sustainable in the long term. Practice Management Adviser Sandie Baillargeon will explain how excellence in customer service begins with a sincere desire to go above and beyond what is necessary to surprise and delight your customer.

  • Change your customer service into a transformational experience. Go fish!
  • Why does the customer care matter?
  • Consistently enhance the customer service experience and create a culture of continuous improvement
  • Invest in the proper resources, systems and processes to support customer care
  • Problem solving and handling customer complaints

Patient Satisfaction: Achieve Primary Stability for Your Patients and Restore their Confidence
(presented by Straumann Canada)

Depending on what your patient expects, a straightforward restoration might not be a viable option. Regardless of any possibly difficult anatomical situation, most patients look for functional esthetics with a high comfort. As a denturist, you are now challenged to provide an immediate fixed solution that meets all these criteria. Providing fixed restorations for edentulous patients is a complex procedure, and you need to consider several clinical and individual aspects.

You will learn:

  • How Straumann ProArch enables personalized treatment protocols for implant-borne fixed full-arch restorations, and immediate temporary restorations in edentulous patients with limited bone availability.
  • How the Novaloc® Retentive System for hybrid dentures provides a reliable connection that endures, providing enduring confidence for your patients.

Set Your GPS for Success! 
(presented by Wayne Lee, Peak Performance Expert)
Fear, self-doubt, inhibitions of all kinds, these beliefs reside in our subconscious and prevent us from reaching our conscious goals. But if you set your GPS (Great Programmable Subconscious) for success, you can achieve anything while taking the ride of your life. Wayne Lee (Master Hypnotist & Motivational Speaker) can break down the barriers of even the most cynical and resistant individuals through laughter and hypnosis, in the process showing them how to access their own subconscious. Once people realize what’s possible when they program the GPS for success, it’s as if they become a new person – the person they were always meant to be. For employers, that means productivity, team work and a great attitude at work. For employees themselves, it’s like being handed the keys to the ride of their lives!

Multiple Approaches with Implant Supported Restorations in the Fully Edentulous Arch
(presented by Eugene Royzengurt, DD)
Whether a denture is fabricated conventionally or digitally, it has to function and integrate into the body. Our focus is the individual patient and their positive outcome of treatment planning for implant supported removable and/or fixed dentures. This lecture by Eugene Royzengurt, DD will provide you with information on proper model analysis in determining ideal tooth placement within space of the ridge relationships, anterior arrangement, and centric relationship. From anterior to posterior tooth mould selection through occlusal set-up approaches to meet patient requirements will be discussed.

The College Buzz
(presented by Dr. Glenn Pettifer, CDO Registrar)

CDO Peer Circles (Back by popular demand!)
(presented by Jennifer Slabodkin
Join fellow denturists to discuss some challenging cases and explore problem-solving strategies that can assist you in managing these cases. The development of discussion cases for the Peer Circle was led by practising denturists and overseen by the CDO. Each Peer Circle will involve 8 denturists and a trained group facilitator, who is also a practising denturist. Peer Circles provide an ideal environment for inter-professional communication and collaboration that ultimately benefit patient care.

Life Cycle of a Denturists’ Practice: Tips and tricks for buying, selling, and managing a practice and its finances
(presented by Matt Holmes, CPA, CA, Duncan Callam, CPA, CA, MBA, and Sarah Rahme, CFP®,CIM®,FCSI®, Wealth Advisor)
Whether you’re just starting out in your career, running your own practice, or approaching retirement; tax, financial, and retirement planning play a key part in every stage of your professional practice. As your personal, professional, and financial situations evolve, the planning that brings all your ambitions and professional milestones to life should evolve with you. This presentation addresses the most relevant and crucial areas for managing your finances and planning for retirement. Moreover, we’ll discuss the key tips and tricks to keep in mind when buying or selling your practice. This includes the state of the current marketplace, as well as how to ensure your transactions are completed smoothly.

Workplace Wellness: Stretching and Breathing for Denturists and their Team
(presented by Danielle Ryan, Fitness Expert)
Participants in this session will be led through a series of stretching and breathing exercises which can be utilized by Denturists and their team during their work day to help de-stress both mind and body. The session will focus on the lower back, upper back, shoulders, hips, pectorals, neck and forearms. If you attended last year’s session, you know how informative it was! Fitness Expert Danielle Ryan will offer additional and different strategies over last year!

No Such Thing As Can’t
(presented by Alvin Law, Motivational Speaker and former Radio Broadcaster)
Born with no arms as a result of the drug Thalidomide, Alvin Law was adopted by a family who taught him to use his feet for hands – and who, by doing so, gave him the gift of freedom. Alvin’s mission is to spark a worldwide Attitude Revolution. Attitude Revolutions happen because people are inspired, from within themselves, to practice cultivating a more proactive and effective outlook on their lives. Alvin knows, and demonstrates to his audiences, that attitude is not about touchy-feely platitudes or ‘thinking positive’ – attitude is how we look at and interpret life overall. It is a skill that can be learned, and that must be practiced. It is a tool that can be used.

Wednesday Activities

GOLF: Wednesday, September 11, 2019 at 1:00 p.m. Shotgun start. 4-Person Scramble
Golf Rate: $160 plus tax per person. This rate includes Green Fee, Cart Fee, Dinner & Deerhurst Player’s Gift (bluetooth music speaker).


TREETOP TREKKING: Wednesday, September 11, 2019; Two start times at 1:00 pm and 1:30 pm
Zip, climb, swing and stride on an unforgettable journey through the forest. Stride along the top of the trees with the use of rope, bridges, zip lines, tarzan ropes, climbing nets, foot bridges and swings. Whatever your level of agility, experience or age, progress is at your own pace so the experience is safe, friendly and accessible to everyone. Rain or shine. 3 hours.

PAINTBALL: Wednesday, September 11, 2019 at 1:00 pm
No experience is needed and all the gear (gun, paintballs and protective pullover) is provided by Deerhurst’s onsite supplier MJD Paintball Inc. Just bring your sense of adventure. Rain or shine. 2 hours.

AMBA SPA: 15% off Spa Services for those staying at the Resort. To book spa appointments, call 1-800-461-4393 or 705-789-7113 ext 4488.

OTHER ACTIVITIES: Visit the Deerhurst Resort site by clicking here to see what other activities are available which can be booked in advance or on-site.

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