IDS 2019 Intraoral Scanners

The International Dental Show (IDS) 2019 was held in Cologne, Germany. IDS is the biggest dental show in the world that is why most companies release their latest innovations and advancements on this event. IDS 2019 came up with an amazing number of new and revolutionary digital dentistry software and equipment, one of those is intraoral scanners.

The dawning of Digital Dentistry marked the beginning of digital devices and one of this is intraoral scanners, which is a rapidly growing field. There are numerous amounts of Intraoral Scanner from different companies which offer different perks from the scanning speed, powderless scanning, affordable prices and many more. It is sure hard to find the best Intraoral scanner that will suit your business, but this comparison is being published by IDS to help you choose the right system that will fit in your practice.

Here’s the review made by IDS to help you understand what scanner will fit in your practice and as well in your budget.

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