Guide for Tooth Preparation Design

“The Success of a Restoration is in the preparation” (Quote from Henri Rotsaert, 1968, founder of Rotsaert Dental Laboratory) •Uniform reduction results in optimum ceramic strength. •Adequate reduction leads to better aesthetics. •Smooth edges result in lower stress. •Lower stress decreases the potential for fracture. •Ceramic restorations require a passive fit. •Scanners read smooth preparations […]

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NEW TECHNIQUE: Adjusting and Polishing full-Zirconia chair-side

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Aesthetic Anteriors (Case 3)

IPS e.max® Restoration Crowns 1.5 & 1.1, Veneers 1.4 & 1.3 plus 3-Unit Bridge The patient is missing the right lateral and the midline is off-center. Dentist: Dr. Anthony Mancuso Lab: Rotsaert Dental Laboratory

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