FLEXsplint is the superior and optically clear night guard with FLEX.     The material of FLEXsplint is stronger and comes with great stability.  It is ideal for bruxism patients.  FLEXsplint is MMA-free to eliminate allergy problems.  It is self-adjusting when placed in warm water before inserting in the mouth. FLEXsplint is rated highly in […]

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Which Articulator Do You Use?

Which Articulator Do You Use?   ….is one of the common questions asked to us by Dentists. Our response is always the same: “Which system do you have?” because we use every semi-adjusting articulating system available.  The most common brands are Artex, Denar, Hanau, Kavo, Panadent, Protar, Sam and Whipmix.  Why so many?  Our dentists […]

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