How to Capitalize on the Growing Removable Market

We keep saying it – we’re all about giving you the best restorations possible. We’ve been working on it for more than 50 years so we’re pretty darn close to perfection. To achieve absolute perfection though, we need a little help from you.

In there is a free eBook that you can access sponsored by Ivoclar Vivadent. We all know that Ivoclar Vivadent has been a leader in the industry for years, so here’s a quick link to the book:

How to Capitalize on the growing Removable Market

In a nutshell, removable prosthodontics is a big slice of the dental market. By 2030, 67 million people in the United States will be over the age of 65. Denture demands are up, patient expectations are up (for both comfort and aesthetics) and materials and techniques are much better. That’s a lot of potential business to add to your practice.

We all know that restorative dentistry is not a guessing game, so why not be as accurate as possible from the get-go? Ivoclar Vivadent has introduced a new Smile Design Kit which contains a variety of tools for accuracy, but there are three main components for the first patient visit:

The Papillameter:
Measures the length of the patient’s lip relative to incisive papilla at rest and while smiling. Without this info the lab relies on relative values for gingival contour and sufficient length. The technician can create a custom maxillary wax rim which will be almost perfect for lips at rest. This saves you, the dentist, time during your aesthetic evaluation appointment.

The Denture Gauge:
Accurately evaluates existing dentures so that you can send measurements to your lab. The lab can now manufacture a new denture with a perfect fit.

The Centric Tray:
Provides fast preliminary reading of the central and vertical dimension record. It is a predictable (we love predictable!!) way to communicate “jaw relationship” to your lab prior to fabrication of the wax rim bite.

All three of these tools result in a successful second visit. The Smile Design Kit has other tools for subsequent visits as well. You will achieve fit, form, function and aesthetics. The bottom line? A happy patient and a happy dentist.

Of course, you need to deal with an authorized Ivoclar Vivadent lab to achieve these accurate and beautiful results. Look no further. We’re Rotsaert. That’s what we do.



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