Posterior Solutions

Because every patient is unique, no single material is ideal for every situation. Rotsaert offers you all the options.  We’ve been involved with digital dentistry since 1986.


ZirM all-zirconia crown. The colour comes from pre-tinted zirconia and is then stained and glazed. This is the most economical crown that we provide.

Lava™ Plus from 3M ESPE is a brand that we trust. Lava™ Plus colour comes from within. The crowns are custom stained before sintering creating a life-like restoration. With the aesthetics and strength of 1200mpa, Lava™ Plus is ideal for posteriors.

With the advent of CAD/CAM dentistry we can now mill Chrome cobalt metal in-house. By milling this metal we create a finished product with accuracy and purity that cannot be replicated by traditional casting techniques.

Lithium disilicate is strongest when pressed at minimum thickness of 1.0mm with a flexural strength of 400mpa.


Restoration TypePosterior UseSuggested Cement TypesPreparation Design
(All zirconia monolithic withh one stain pre-sinter dip.
Posterior crowns and bridgesSelf-adhesive universal resin cement.Rounded internal line angles. Chamfer or shoulder margins. We recommend minimal reduction of 1.0mm
(Zirconia Monolithic crowns are custom stained before sintering.)
Posterior Crowns and BridgesSelf-adhesive universal resin cement.Rounded internal line angles. Chamfel or shoulder margins. We recommend minimal reduction of 1.0mm
(Porcelain fused to chrome cobalt metal coping)
Posterior Crowns, pre-molars, and molars. Single units and BridgesSelf-Adhesive universal resin cementTraditional PFM prep. Occlusal reduction of 1.5mm
IPS e.max®
(Lithium disilicate monolithic for posteriors. Cut-back buildup for anteriors)
Posteriors onlays, inlays and crowns. No BridgesBond then resin cement. Etched in the lab.See Rotsaert e.max handout for more information.


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