The Diagnostic Wax-up

A 3-D Communication Tool

A diagnostic wax-up brings the treatment plan from conception to full-scale model, resulting in a visual communication tool for all the treatment partners: Patient, Dentist and Technician.

Accurate study cast-mounted on a face bow

The wax-up not only helps the dentist and technician visualize the treatment plan, but allows the patient to see how their concerns will be addressed.

 Diagnostic wax-up of upper and lower

Articulated study models provide the opportunity to develop treatment goals that are in harmony with the functional parameters of the patient.  The preoperative models provide information to the current condition of the patient’s dentition.  It is equally important to balance the aesthetic needs of the patient with the functional parameters of the restoration.

RLTemps – Lab Fabricated Temporaries

The fabrication of temporaries, based on a diagnostic wax-up, is the crucial stage that allows the patient to test-drive the treatment plan.  This also gives the dentist an opportunity to modify the provisionals.  Once the patient is satisfied with the provisionals, new models are made and these guide the fabrication of the final restoration.


(left to right: Before, Wax-up, and RLTemps)



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