What is YOU-WE-MILL?


YOUWEMILL is a Hybrid of a one-appointment crown. The digital world is gaining momentum. Intra-oral scanning is becoming the norm. Early adopters of intra-oral scanners have had excellent advantages scanning and sending to Rotsaert Dental Lab.  Now there is a new option available to dental offices. 

YOUWEMILL is a hybrid solution which provides a single restoration in the dental office. The concept came from discussions with clinicians that merely wanted to scan and mill but did not want the trouble with designing a single crown.


 “You” is the dental office who completes the scan then forwards the scan to us.


“We” at Rotsaert Dental Laboratory,  receive the scan. We then design the crown and electronically return our design back to your mill.


Lastly, “Mill” represents the Roland Mill which will mill the crown right in your office.  Roland Mills are available in Canada from Emerald Dental Works.

The beauty of this new digital procedure is that our years of designing and technical experience are being made available to you.  It’s like having one of our technicians on your own staff.  We will design the crown for you and then load it into your mill.  Your office merely performs the oral scan and receives the completely milled crown, right on your premises.

How do you get started?

1. Tell us which scanner you are using and we’ll set up a client account with your scanner provider.

2. Purchase a Roland Mill from Emerald Dental Works.

3. YOU send us an intra-oral scan. WE design and send instructions to your mill.  The MILL in your office does the rest.

What type of mill would be right for my office?

There are two types of mills from Roland that you could choose from:

1. The DWX4-W is a wet mill and can mill all supplied products in an open type B mandrel. This mill accommodates Ivoclar e.max®, Dentsply Celtra™ Duo, GC CERASMART™, VITA Suprinity®, VITA enamic® and 3M ESPE Lava™ Ultimate.

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2. The DXW-4 is the smaller brother of the DWX4-W and is a dry mill.  It cannot mill glass ceramic such as e.max®, Celtra™ Duo or VITA Suprinity®.

Talk to us regarding your choice of restorations. We will discuss the best solution for you.

Simple.  Easy.  Quality.


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