Protect your smile. Wear a Mouthguard!

Rotsaert’s R-Guard is a pressure formed dual laminate mouthguard!



A high quality mouthguard not only protects from possible broken or lost teeth but also reduces the impact of a blow, aiding in the prevention of jaw fractures and concussions.

Custom-Made, Perfect Fit

Each mouthguard is made to the specifications of the wearer.  The guard is shaped to the detail of each mouth and the thickness is determined according to that person’s age, sport, level of competition and past history of injury.


Custom-made dual laminate mouth guards allow the wearer to breathe and speak freely.  They are odourless, tasteless and hypoallergenic for the most comfortable fit possible.


Each mouthguard is made from the highest quality material available making them resilient and tear-resistant.  The pressure-laminating technique ensures the closest, most accurate fit.



R-GUARDS are pressure laminated and are the finest choice of mouthguard.  Proper fit and comfort are essential. Pressure-laminated mouthguards are a perfect fit allowing the user to breathe and speak freely.  They are odourless, tasteless and hypoallergenic. The material is tear-resistant and resilient.


There are 3 Levels of Mouthguard protection available to suit your individual needs.


R-Guard #1: Low Impact Sports

  • •Two 3mm dual pressure laminates (EVA material).
  • •The approximate thickness is 3mm.
  • •R-Guard #1 is ideal for athletes involved in low impact sports such as basketball, baseball, racquetball, squash, volleyball or water polo.


R-Guard #2: Medium Impact Sports

  • •Two 3mm dual pressure laminates (EVA material).
  • •The approximate thickness of 4mm.
  • •R-Guard #2 is suitable for football, lacrosse, soccer, wrestling or weightlifting.


R-Guard #3: High Impact Sports

  • Two 3mm dual pressure laminates (EVA material) with an additional 3mm overlay in the Anterior.
  • R-Guard #3 is suitable for boxing, ice hockey, martial arts, roller hockey or rugby.




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  1. Mouthguard – A Mouth guard is a soft appliance.  Mouth guards typically offer full coverage and are created on either maxillary or mandibular arch. Their occlusion varies as they are compressible and therefore the occlusal contacts change with bite force. For more information please click here.

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