What if….

… a forklift truck ran over your case?  As we have discovered, this can actually happen!

A case was delivered to us recently which was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Yes, this case was actually run over by a forklift truck.  To our surprise and amazement the case was still able to be processed.  This is the importance of packaging your case properly.

Pic 3

Here are some very helpful instructions on how to package your case:

Wrap each small model tightly in at least 2 strips of bubble.  Use a small piece of tape or rubber band to keep it tight.

If the models are large, use 2 strips of bubble around the model and a 3rd strip around in the opposite direction. This will ensure  the model is completely covered. Again, use a piece of tape or rubber band to keep the wrap from coming away from the model.

Completely fill the box with bubble or whatever packing material is available to you. Make sure the box is full so there is no room for movement during transportation.

Always keep in mind that the packages are not treated gently during transportation.

Take note on how the case is received from us in your office and use this as a guide.

Pic 1  Pic 2

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