It’s the little things…

the little thingsYou start every day expecting that your coffee pot will work, that your hot water heater will provide you with a comfortable shower or that your car will start.  You take it for granted. They’re the small reliable aspects of life that are never given a second thought.  They’re also the things that make life easier; that help you transition from one phase to the next without a hiccup.

However, if they weren’t always being reliable everything would be out of whack and you would be one step behind the entire day.

The lab you work with should be one of those reliable companies that you can take for granted every day.  Rotsaert and the restorations they produce are those reliable things.  We are always there to offer you a free consultation; we will pick up and deliver your case on time.  Our crowns will fit because every one of our staff uses a Leica microscope so there’s no guessing.  We supply implant wrenches for your cases.  We lend articulators.  Our restorations are approved by Health Canada and they’re made right here in your own back yard.   Our base products are purchased only from the best names in the industry such as 3M, Jensen, Ivoclar and Henry Schein.  No mystery ingredients.

So, if you’re thinking of a new lab think about us.  No surprises.  You can take us for granted every day!

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