CADCAM technology in the Dental Laboratory

At Rotsaert Dental Laboratory
CadCam technology is used on a daily basis.  Visit to view our short movie on Digital Dental Technology.

 In the 1980’s, Dr. Francois Duret introduced a revolutionary concept.

He envisioned digital impression systems and cad design with the use of micro milling in the dental office, with fabrication in the dental laboratory.

In 1980’s, the computer technology that we are accustomed to today was science fiction. What Dr. Duret accomplished in 1980’s was the ground work for all dental CadCam systems on the market today.

The Cerec system with in-office scan and mill, and the Itero and Lava COS intra oral scanners all should pay tribute to Dr. Duret’s work in the 80’s.

From a Dental Laboratory perspective, the CadCam  world has taken off .  We fabricate everything from Zirconia crowns and bridges to titanium implant bars.  This technology has given us the ability to create accurate products that could not have been fabricated with conventional methods using these materials.  CadCam has not replaced the technician or the function of a dentist in the restorative field.  It has only help us to achieve consistent results. The dentist still  prepares the tooth and controls the oral environment, creating a dry field for digital impression taking.  The technician still  takes this information from a dentist and creates restorations that function in the oral environment.  From the Dental Laboratory perspective, the technology aids us in fabricating the restoration but doesn’t replace us in fabricating the products.  View our video on youtube/rotsaertdental.

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