Keep the Spark!

Being in customer service requires a high level of enthusiasm.  It’s hard to face customers every day.  When you’re enthusiastic you’re motivated to assist your client.  Here are some tips to keep the “high”:

1.   Monitor your thoughts – think more positively than negatively.  Think like a winner.  Think affirmative thoughts that support you such as “I’m smart.  I can do this!”

2.   Focus on your strengths and build on your successes.  Keep a daily journal of even the smallest success.

3.   Don’t let others diminish your self-esteem.  “Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent”  (Eleanor Roosevelt)

4.   Don’t get bored.  Repetitive tasks dampen enthusiasm.  Bring your mind to the present and focus on what’s at hand or your mind will wander.

5.   Commit yourself to learning something new each day.  Think of your workplace as a classroom – what’s today’s lesson?  Today it will be dealing with difficult people!

6.   Keep your standards high.  Do your best with each daily task.  The most routine job turns into a work of art when you insist on the highest standards!

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