Year of the Dragon – Happy New Year!

The Chinese community in Hamilton is ushering in a New Year as Monday marks the beginning of the Year of the Dragon.

The lunar-calendar holiday is a time when people gather with their families and, in agricultural societies in China, hope for a good harvest, said Linhan Zhang, the president of the McMaster University Chinese Students’ Association.

Many members of the community believe 2012 wil…l bring more luck because of its association with the powerful zodiac sign of the Dragon, the 23-year-old life sciences student said.

“When it comes to the Year of the Dragon, we think that it’s a good year,” he said.

The McMaster student group hosted a performance combining traditional and modern music and dance at Mohawk College last week.

“The dragon means a lot in China … It’s a spiritual animal,” Zhang said. “We (Chinese people) say that we’re the offspring of the dragon and we have the dragon’s spirit inside.”

Many Chinese residents believe Dragon years bring more prosperity, David Gee Fong Eng, chair of the Hamilton Chinese Alliance Association, said in Cantonese.

(reprinted from The Hamilton Spectator, January 23, 2012)

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