BioCad Fixed Fixed Removable Implant System

A fixed-fixed-removable prosthesis solves many problems in the edentulous mouth. This prosthesis results in a precision fit, excellent aesthetics, strength, maximum retention and lateral stability. The precision fit makes removal simple, allowing access for oral hygiene.

It is imperative that all resorbed and missing tissue be replaced as part of the prosthetic treatment. The functional and aesthetic demands requested by many patients is a prosthesis that cannot be dislodged or has the slightest movement during eating or speaking.

The restoration should not be over-contoured. The requirements of phonetics dictate a precise placement of the anterior teeth which usually does not coincide with the position of the implants.

Proper profile, as in natural dentition, has to be imitated for maximum satisfaction and comfort for the patient.

Bone resorption in the anterior region of the maxilla often creates excessive angulation of implant placement. The restoration would be severely compromised unless the missing bone and tissue are replaced.

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